Scenario 1

John connects the WC heating vent every day when he wakes up, and the temperature is below 15 degrees. Also connects the light in the room when he wakes.

AMBRO Action 1: AMBRO detects this pattern and asks John if this should be a rule: to turn on the heater when he wakes up and the temperature is below 15 degrees.

Actuators: Smart Plug, Intelligent Light
Sensors: Alarm
Web Services: Meteorology

Scenario 2

John leaves his home several times without turning off the lights (forgetfulness).

AMBRO Action 2: Ambro detects that John is away from home and provides you the option to turn off the light.

Actuators: Intelligent Light
Sensors: GPS

Scenario 3

On Facebook, John likes Benfica, Lisbon and Apple.

AMBRO Action 3: AMBRO, seeks major news about these preferences, 30 seconds after John wakes up and sends him the newspaper headlines with links to the sources (grouped in a single notification).

Sensors: Alarm
Web Services: Facebook, Feeds Newspapers

About Ambro

The AMBRO project is the idealization, design and development of a technological and applicational platform in an ecosystem that supports the operation of Intelligent Personal Assistants and their integration into ubiquitous computing environments in the context of the "Internet of Things".
The project is co-funded by COMPETE/QREN/EU in the context of the portuguese “Sistema de Incentivos à I&DT” (project code:33779).


TIMWE I&D is a SME installed at Parkurbis, Covilhã (Portugal), focused on research and development of solutions to state-of-the-art challenges in the areas of Internet of Things, Mobile Government, Mobile Health, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Money and Mobile Entertainment. Even though our main target clients are telecoms, public entities and brands, our services are regularly mediated by TIMWE, a multinational company that operates in more than 80 markets in 5 continents.


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